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How to use Spring RestTemplate

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1) Overview

This is a tutorial about how to consume REST service using Spring RestTemplate. You can find here user service application that we are going to use as a REST service.

Using this, we can call 3rd party REST services or use for implementing microservices.

2) Dependencies

We need the following dependency to work with Spring RestTemplate.

Other than that dependency, we will use the jackson-fasterxml  dependency for convert JSON to/from Object.

3) Use GET

3.1) To retrieve a Java Object

Using getForObject(), directrly convert to the Object.

3.2) Pass parameters

Using HashMap, we can pass a parameters also.

3.2) Get response as a String and convert to the Java Object


convert String to Java Object.

4) Use POST

Normally, The POST method uses for creating a new resource. We’ll create a new user using the POST method.

5) Use PUT

PUT method use for updating a exist resource.


We can use the DELETE method for removing a resource.

7) Using exchange()

We can use the exchange()with all HTTP methods above mentioned.

7.1) Using exchange send POST request

7.2)  Using AsyncRestTemplate

Using AsyncRestTemplate, send REST calls asynchronously.

Complete examples find here.

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