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Spring Boot REST web service – Part 3 – Exception Handling and Validation using @ControllerAdvice, @Valid and Custom Annotations

This is the 4th tutorial in the Spring Boot REST web service tutorial series. Building a simple REST Service with Spring Boot Part 1 – Spring Data and MySQL Part 2 – CRUD, Service Layers, Assemblers and Utility classes 1)  Overview In this tutorial, we will discuss how to handle exceptions. For an example, we […]

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Java 8 API: java.time.Instant

Epoch time is the number of seconds since January 1st, 1970. 1 minute – 60 seconds 1 hour – 3600 seconds 1 day – 86400 seconds Creating an Epoch Time The easiest way to create epoch time is, using Systerm.currentTimeMillis()

This time format is not human readable, but it’s suitable to store in a database, business […]

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