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Angular 4

Angular 4 CRUD application with Spring Boot REST service – Part 3

Angular 4

This is the last part of Angular 4 and Spring Boot application build tutorial series.

Part 1 – Spring Boot REST service and setup Angular app

Part 2 – Integrate with the REST service

Today, we’re going to create, update and delete functionalities.

1) Create User

First thing is, implement the user service for saving a new user.


Next thing is, import these modules into the users.module.ts.

Then add these html into the user-create.component.ts.

Finally, changes the user-create.component.ts as following.


2) Update User

For updating, we are going to use the same form which used for creating a new user. For updating the user, we need to 2 api calls. First one is getUserById() and updateUser(). These are already implemented in the REST service.

Modify the user.service.ts.

Changed the user-create.component.ts.

3) Delete User

Once again, modified the user.service.ts.

And implement the deleteUser() in user-list.component.ts.

4) Run it

Now, run it using ng serve command

user-list view

user-create view

Clone it : – GitHub

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  • Yuriy Tkachenko

    Damith, thank you again for great tutorials. It would also be very interesting to see tutorials about secure services (with HTTPS, JWT authentication, etc).

    • mydevgeek

      Thank u, I’ll try to do that

  • Waqas Rana

    nice tutorial , simple and straight , thanks . please also make tutorial spring security with angular 4 , (single page application). thanks .

  • Madan Mohan Reddy Gangireddy

    There is some mistake in “user-create.component.ts” file …
    import {User} from “../User”;
    Above line should be as import {User} from “../user”;
    Because of this mistake i got below error …

    • Muhammad Umer

      go into the user-create.component.ts module and correct the import of user like this “import { User} from “../user” ” just use small user instead of User

  • eko nur hidayat

    Hello guys, Can you help me, How make CRUD for transaksion from two table

  • Thiago Hernandes

    Stronger! Success guy

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